LISTS   What's Wrong With The United Kingdom?   By Oliver Voltaire-Smith 

What's Wrong With The United Kingdom?   By Oliver Voltiare-Smith 

1. Local communities suffer due to Prince Edward’s habit of blowing off leisure and shopping centre openings so he can sit home all day playing Donkey Kong 
2. You can smell Charing Cross station from Slough…and vice versa 
3. Deb the cashier at the Tesco Express in South Croydon 
4. The most subscribed newspaper in the UK is the Daily Mail. Top headline as of this writing:  
“'I couldn't bring another baby into this world: Lover who stood by paedophile England star Adam Johnson admits aborting his baby after arrest as she reveals he was 'white with fear' as police arrived" 
5. For comparative purposes, the most subscribed newspaper in America is the Wall Street Journal. Top headline as of this writing: “Latest Brexit Risk: Cambridge's World Class Status" 
6. There’s more! The Times is widely considered the most serious newspaper in the UK. Here is their current headline: “Revealed: Qatar's Secret $880m World Cup Payments To FIFA" 
7. The country is barrelling towards a Brexit cliff at four thousand miles an hour and the British newspapers are talking about paedophile football players and their wives abortions and Middle East FIFA bribes! I have to read an AMERICAN newspaper to learn about Brexit? 
8. Which explains why we voted for Brexit! 
9. There are more cigarette butts, soiled condoms and fast food wrappers on the platform at Vauxhall station than there are on the entire island of Manhattan 
10. Russell Brand's hair 
11. Sure we pay 90 percent in taxes - but how else could we afford 1 ambulance for every 10 million people? 
12. Pope Francis: "Hell at full capacity. New arrivals to be sent to Luton airport" (click here) 
13. China has a rich past, a proud present and a bright future. America has a proud present and a bright future. Britain has a past 
14. But at least the food is first rate 
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